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By Oscar Manresa


The chef and business man wants to introduce the Food & Music concept in Barcelona, after starting his american dream.

As a chef and restaurateur, Oscar Manresa has transcended borders with the opening of his first restaurant in Miami. “Perfecto”, located in the heart of downtown, intends to be a “perfect” compendium of the unique features of premises of Oscar Manresa in Barcelona. Music, gastronomy as made in our house, environment intended to enjoy, and a full service of restaurant and drinks, define the spirit of “Perfecto” and complete the concept of Food & Music inspired by Oscar Manresa.

“Perfecto” is the culmination of a business push that offers its diners a complete experience of music and gastronomy, adapted to the different targets according to each moment of the day.

oscar resto
Òscar Manresa in front of Boqueria Market in Barcelona Inside the restaurant “Perfecto” in Miami

Taste Barcelona in the heart of downtown of Miami

At “Perfecto” all the Barcelona classics come together, from bread with tomato, paella mediterranean style or beef and potato croquette (Bomba de la barceloneta); to spanish especialities like “la Gilda” (an appetizer with olive, anchovy and guindilla pepper, iberic ham, “manchego” cheese), “Ensaladilla rusa” (potato salad, tuna and olives) and the Octopus.

In the menu form “tapas”, you can find dishes made with fish and meat, healthy recipes and stews of catalan recipes like meatballs and cuttlefish, lentils with foie or Potato and onion omelet. All these dishes complemented with carefully chosen background music.

“Perfecto” is a 350 m2 establishment with a spacious dining room and a comfortable 100 m2 terrace. It’s located in Brickell Avenue and its main goal is to provide a food-tasting/entertainment experience to the American public, which is showing an increasingly receptive sensitivity and culinary tradition of our country

tapita plato
Two of the culinary “PERFECT” proposal, located in the financial district in Miami

The “Perfecto” Project received a 1,5 million dollars investment and the engagement of two local partners, involved in the administration and the kitchen. “Perfecto” employs 20 people and has catalan workers and native.

Food & Music concept

“I’m self-taught and enterprising”, claims Oscar Manresa, “I want that in my establishments, for people to have a good time besides eating”, to keep a great memory of the experience in each of the restaurants.

Managed by Manresa, in Barcelona highlights “Torre d’Alta Mar” restaurant –with a view over the city- “Casa Guinart” – a house inside Boqueria Market where you can eat market cuisine- the Cocktail Bar “Rien de Rien”- a semi-clandestine oasis in The Palace Hotel (Old Ritz), – and “99% Moto Bar”, located inside the Harley Davidson shop in the heart of the Les Corts neighborhood.

In Gavà, besides a vegetable patch of 10.000 m2 that supplies the raw material for all of his establishments, the business man has two more premises, “Kauai” beachfront, where you can rediscover the idea of beach bar-chill out with a taste of mediterranean cuisine; and “Los Soprano”, a tribute to italian cuisine with films and television ambience.

kauai moto
Outside of “Kauai”, Gava’s beach Inside of the “99% Moto Bar” Restaurant

A successful story

Oscar Manresa is the only restaurateur in the Collection of 50 success stories, a book published by the school of top management and administration (EADA) of Barcelona on the occasion of it’s 50th anniversary. This Management training center chose the professional career carried out by the ex student Manresa as a significant example of someone who has made “their personal dream a business success”.

In the story of his personal experience, Oscar Manresa explains that “the big change was leave to work for the others to create his own business”. Partner and co-owner of Grup Costa, Manresa values especially his academic training and the importance of proximity deal with its workers. “I like to convey to them all the positive energy possible”, he says. He has the habit of greeting his workers personally each day and promote solidarity within the team.

Before reaching the top management position, Òscar Manresa followed several cooking courses with the aim of becoming a chef in their own premises. Over the years the first vocation made way to a constant evolution in the business world through different projects.


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